Workflow reimagined

A new way to manage your compliance obligations.

Never miss a filing deadline with vflow

Having registrations in many different countries means that your company will have plenty filing deadlines to deal with - all the time. Staying on top of all these different deadlines is no easy task. This is why we have designed a solution to transform the way you can manage your VAT filing deadlines.

vflow is a next-generation workflow tool to help you manage and track your VAT deadlines in a truly innovative way. vflow will give you a full overview of your previous, current and future deadlines. Additionally, with the ability to update the status of a filing and store information, vflow will help enhance cohesion and productivity across your team.

A workflow tool designed for VAT compliance

  • View all your filing obligations in one place
  • Receive email notifications to remind you of deadlines
  • Gain control of your timeline with multiple ways of viewing filing deadlines
  • Organise and understand your workflow with automated categorization of filings
  • Track your team's work by storing data specific to each filing
  • Status updates and issue lists to ensure everyone in your team is on the same page
  • VAT Returns, ECSLs, Intrastats, Control Statements, SAF-T Reports and APDs

Our Features


Filter information, choose colours and alternate between different views.

Storage Facilities

Upload and organise your VAT compliance data in a secure location.


Add multiple users and devices, while controlling accessibility levels.


Automated emails and notifications so you don't miss your deadlines.


Through research and testing, vflow has been designed to be intuitive and simple.


Vflow adopts the highest safety and security measures for your data.


A dedicated team of technology and compliance experts to help you.


Update statuses, add payment information and make notes to ensure team cohesion.


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