VAT filings simplified

Prepare and submit VAT Returns, ECSLs and Intrastats in seconds

Automate your VAT filing process

Whether you are using excel spreadsheets or old software packages, preparing VAT returns and other filings, has become painful and tiring. The submission process can add further strain on your process. The current measures being implemented by businesses to handle their filings are unreliable and resource-intensive.

vfile is the ideal tool for handling your VAT Returns, ECSLs and Intrastats. We have reduced the process of preparing and submitting a VAT filing to a few simple steps. vfile will also run complex data checks to ensure that your final return is 100% accurate and error-free. Additionally, we have something for users who want an overview of their transaction data and filing habits. vstats will automatically analyse your data and present it to you in a format that is useful and easy to understand.

Save time and prevent errors with vfile

  • VAT Returns, ECSLs, Intrastats
  • Automatic submission where available from tax authority
  • Data checking and error prevention
  • Data anayltics to give you a clearer picture of your company's VAT environment
  • Automatically store generated filings to track progess
  • Integration with vflow to improve your workflow

3 easy steps



Upload your transactional data using our standard template.



vfile will then run complex data tests and error checking to make sure your filing is 100% accurate.



Send your filing off directly from vfile, where permitted by the tax authority.


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